Ootkal.com is the result of the humble effort of two proud Odias who want to put Odisha on the world map. Odisha is definitely India’s best-kept secret and its time we unravel it with beauty, grace and panache. At the core of this unraveling lies the message of co-existing and mutual appreciation. We are proud of our Chhenapoda but we relish a delicious slice of red velvet cheesecake as well, we love our dhokra art but we also adore the beautiful porcelain artifacts of the French. A trip to Simlipal is every Odia’s summer holiday dream but that doesn’t stop us from appreciating the untouched and spellbound wildlife of the Masai Mara National Park. We believe in treasuring our culture while admiring and respecting the oh so varied cultures of the world.

Ootkal.com wishes to bridge the gap between Odisha and other parts of the world, most of which still thinks Odisha to be an unknown state in Eastern India or often confused with its neighbours. That’s a story every Odia relates with! While Pakhala Bhaata runs in our veins, we are here to tell the world that Odisha has so much to offer.

Ootkal.com aims to showcase the old Odisha as well as the new. We will tell the stories of our farmers, tribal & rural people and at the same time celebrate the feats of our budding entrepreneurs and thriving blogger network. We will showcase our authentic cuisine and at the same time introduce you to the worldclass Odia chefs. We will show you our beautiful countryside and lush green farmlands while giving you a tour of our clean, green and technologically advanced cities.

 Ootkal.com is a platform for every Odia who wants to stay informed and tell his/her story to the world. We want to be the world’s destination for witnessing Odisha like never before.