Delhi government’s eight-member expert committee is drafting a colour-coded mechanism to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The committee comprising doctors, heads of hospitals and bureaucrats, has decided on four colour-based alerts — yellow, amber, orange and red, indicating the increasing order of severity. ‘Red’ signifies closure of most of the economic activities. The action plan will come into effect after getting nod from the state government. Shops of essential goods and services will be permitted to open during all the four alerts. The eight-member committee will also prepare the guidelines on lockdown and curbs depending on Covid-19 situation, number of tests per day, contact tracing target, reservation of hospital beds and containment policy.

Below we have explained how the colour-coded model will work:

L-4 Alert: Red

The ‘Red’ alert (L-4) will kick in as soon as the positivity rate crosses 5 percent or the number of cases rise to 16,000 or oxygenated bed occupancy reaches 3,000. Construction activities and industrial activities related to essential commodities and defense production will only be permitted with closure of malls and weekly markets. Standalone non-essentials shops can open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

L-3 Alert: Orange

This alert will be sounded when the number of new cases reaches 9,000 or oxygenated bed occupancy becomes 1000 or the positivity rate crosses 2 percent. Restrictions will be as same as the level-4 alert.

L-2 Alert: Amber

Amber color alert will be implemented if positivity rate goes above 1 percent or the total number of new cases rises to 3,500 or oxygenated bed occupancy reaches 700. Construction, manufacturing activities and essential goods and services will be allowed. Non-essential services, shops and malls will operate on an odd-even basis between 10 AM to 6 PM. Only one weekly market with 50 percent vendors will be allowed to open in every zone.

Level-1 Alert: Yellow

Level-1 alert will come into force when the new cases rise to 1500 or positivity rate crosses 0.5 percent or oxygenated bed occupancy reaches 500. The restrictions will be similar to ‘Amber’ alert except that malls, non-essentials services and goods shops will open from 10 AM to 8 PM.