Spiderman actor Tom Holland became a victim of social media wrath initiated by the Indian Twitter users, who misjudged him for a tweet posted by his namesake British author. Writer Holland had posted sardonic tweets on Narendra Modi stadium, the world largest cricket stadium recently renamed in India’s Ahmedabad.

Earlier known as Sardar Patel Stadium, the international cricket venue in Motera was inaugurated and renamed after the name of the Prime Minister by President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday.

“I’m a huge admirer of the modesty Modi showed in naming the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself,” Holland said in a tweet.

“Not always a good sign for countries when leaders start pulling that trick,” he said in another tweet.

When the Indian users, specifically the admirers of PM Modi, came across the tweet, they started to slam the actor Holland by trending the hashtag #BoycottSpiderman.

The author took to Twitter again to mock the trolls and clarified that he is not the one they are targeting with the hashtag. “A British author and cricketer also named Tom Holland,” he said while sharing the news on Twitter.

Actor Holland is yet to react on the mix-up by the Indian users.

This is not for the first time as the Indians had done something similar in 2017. Some of the users went on to troll homegrown e-commerce website Snapdeal for a statement made by the former CEO of US multimedia messaging app Snapchat. He had said the app was “meant only for rich people” and thus, he wasn’t interested in expanding the business to “poor countries like India and Spain”.