A video of a dog shaking hands with devotees outside Siddhivinayak temple in Siddhatek is making rounds on the internet. The adorable dog is seen giving blessings to some of the devotees in the video.

In the viral video, the dog can be seen sitting on an elevated platform outside the temple. When the devotees walk past him, the dog appears to offer a handshake.

While many of the devotees excitedly shook hands with the dog, a devotee decided to fold his hands and bow down, only to make the dog raise his paw to bless him. In response, the man placed an affectionate peck on the head of the dog before moving forward.

“Look at this cutie!” commented a Facebook user, while another one joined in by saying: “Such a good boy”.

Siddhatek’s Siddhivinayak Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and one of the eight Ashtavinayakas, which are spread across Maharashtra.