The transport department in Odisha acted on a complaint on Twitter by a Bhubaneshwar-based school boy Sai Anwesh Amrutam Pradhan and changed the timing of a bus to help him reach school on time. Pradhan is a student of the MBS Public School, which starts at 7.30 am. However, the state-run ‘MoBus’ was scheduled to start at 7.40 am.

“Respected Sir, I want to state that I am a student of MBS public school, Bhubaneswar. I use Mo Bus as my daily transportation means to go to school,” Pradhan said adding that “nowadays the timing of the buses are changed.” He was addressing the tweet to Managing Director of the Capital Region Urban Transport Bhubaneswar (CRUT) Arun Bothra.

“My reporting time at school is sharp at 7:30 AM. But unfortunately, the first bus of route no-13 leaves at 7:40 AM from Lingipur. As a result, I will be late for my school. And for this reason, I am facing a lot of problems,” he added.

On Pradhan’s request for both CRUT and Bothra, the state transport department took to Twitter to respond: “Sai, we have noted your request and shared with the department concerned to see the feasibility”.

Bothra also shared a tweet in the praise of the student’s dedication and assured him that the timings will be changed as per his requirements.

“Dear Sai, #MoBus moves with the love of commuters like you. The timing of your bus will be changed from Monday. The first bus will start at 7 AM. You won’t be late for school,” Bothra wrote.

The swift response by Bothra and the state transport department is winning hearts on Twitter.