Y Shyam Sunder, a police inspector from Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district, is making waves on the internet with a picture of him saluting his daughter Yendluru Jessy Prashanthi, a deputy superintendent of police, on duty. Prashanthi didn’t hesitate to return the salute saying “What, daddy?”, before bursting into a hearty laugh and tearing up.

“We often see such scenes in films, but not in real life. I am happy to see father and daughter in uniform doing their duty at the police meet. I am proud of Prashanthi,” Tirupati (Urban) SP A Ramesh Reddy, who was present at the occasion, said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

The Andhra Pradesh Police shared the picture on its official Twitter handle, saying: “#APPolice1stDutyMeet brings a family together! Circle Inspector Shyam Sundar salutes his own daughter Jessi Prasanti who is a Deputy Superintendent of Police with pride and respect at #IGNITE which is being conducted at #Tirupati. A rare & heartwarming sight indeed! #DutyMeet.”

Shyam Sunder was elated after he saw his daughter talking to higher officials as a Group-I police officer.

“What more does a father want when his children achieve success and bring laurels to the country? I am confident that my daughter discharges her duty with sincerity and integrity,” he told reporters.

Prashanthi said she was surprised to see her father saluting her, adding that it was a part of the duty.

“It was a pleasant surprise, but I felt a little embarrassed when he saluted me. But that is all part of the duty. He was my inspiration and it was because of him that I chose this profession,” Prashanthi said.