Gunmen abducted hundreds of boys from a secondary school in Nigeria’s Katsina on Sunday. On Saturday night, the army had exchanged fire with the gang that kidnapped the students from an all-boys Government Science school in Kankara.

The parents of the boys are worried as they have heard little or no information about their children.

“From yesterday I was here, praying that the Almighty Allah should rescue our people,” Abubakar Lawal, father of three missing sons, said as quoted by Reuters.

Lawal came from Zaria, a city that is 120 KM away from Kanara. His eldest son, 17-year-old Buhari was named after President Muhammadu Buhari.

“If it’s not the government that will help us, we have no power to rescue our children,” Murja Mohammed, mother of another missing boy, told Reuters.

No official statement has been released from the president’s office or the police or military.

According to Reuters, some of the boys had escaped from the forest where the gunmen took them. The exact number of missing students is yet to be calculated.

In recent times, many of the armed gangs, known as bandits, have attacked the people throughout northwestern Nigeria. They usually attack civilians, steal from them and kidnap them for ransom. Most of these groups comprise Islamist militants.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation. Last month, some of the Islamist militants had killed many farmers in Borno, beheading some of them.