Legendary actor Rajinikanth has announced to launch a political party in January 2021, ahead of the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth took to Twitter to announce his future plans, claiming that his party would be a “non-corrupt, honest, transparent and secular party with a spiritual politics”.

Rajinikanth added that his party will “definitely win the next elections”. The Tamil superstar will make the big announcement on December 31. While interacting with the reporters outside his residence, Rajinikanth introduced former Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Tamil Nadu intellectual wing president Ra Arjunamurthy as his aide.

Arjunamurthy was relieved from his job earlier this week.

“If I get defeated also, it will be their defeat. Let us change everything. If not now, it will never be… This is the time for changing the destiny of Tamil Nadu. The regime should change,” he said as quoted by The Indian Express.