The Serum Institute of India has decided to file a ₹ 100 crore defamation suit against the volunteer who participated in the coronavirus vaccine trial. The .participant claimed to suffer a “virtual neurological breakdown” following a dose of the Covishield vaccine.

Calling the allegations “malicious and misconceived”, the Serum Institute claimed that the vaccine trial has nothing to do with the volunteer’s medical condition.

“The allegations in the notice are malicious and misconceived. While the Serum Institute of India is sympathetic with the volunteer’s medical condition, there is absolutely no correlation with the vaccine trial and the medical condition of the volunteer. The volunteer is falsely laying the blame for his medical problems on the COVID vaccine trial,” the Serum Institute said in a statement as quoted by NDTV.

“The claim is malicious because the volunteer was specifically informed by the medical team that the complications he suffered were independent of the vaccine trial he underwent. In spite of specifically being made aware of the same, he still chose to go public and malign the reputation of the company,” the statement read further.

The 40-year-old volunteer from Chennai has demanded a compensation of ₹ 5 crore for “a serious adverse event after being administered the under-trial vaccine”.

On October 1, he was injected with a dose of Covishield at Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER) in Chennai. After 10 days, he started to experience severe headaches and behavioural change. A hospital discharged him on October 26 terming it a case of “Acute Encephalopathy”.