Chandigarh recorded 8.7°C in early hours on Saturday, lower than Shimla’s minimum temperature of 9.2°C. Much to the relief of  the residents, the maximum temperature in Chandigarh rose to 25.1°C in compare to Shimla’s 18.9°C later in the day.

“After the recent snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, cold winds blowing down from the hills are cooling Chandigarh. Moisture content in Shimla was on the higher side than in Chandigarh, where the sky was clear,” India Meteorological Department Chandigarh director Surender Paul said as quoted by Hindustan Times.

According to the MeT department, Chandigarh is expected to witness hazy and humid conditions with poor air quality in the next few days. Mornings and evenings are expected to be misty. While the maximum temperature is expected to reach around 24-25°C, minimum temperature will be as low as 9-11°C.

Cold weather has caused panic among the residents across India amid the COVID-19 scare. Himachal Pradesh is the worst hit state as recently one of its entire village population, except one, tested positive for coronavirus. 52-year-old Bhushan Thakur, who tested negative in the coronavirus-hit Thorang village, revealed how the dip in temperatures put everyone in danger.

“The main reason for the spread of coronavirus here is the cold because it makes most people huddle in one room in front of the fireplace,” he said as quoted by NDTV.

Deputy Commissioner of Lahaul-Spiti district Pankaj Rai said: “We can’t ascertain the exact reason but due to change in weather conditions the movement of people increased and maybe that could also be one of the reasons.”