Sudan has decided to ban child marriage and bring female genital mutilation under illegal practices in the new laws passed in July. The violator of these laws can be jailed up to three years. “Police officers will have a major responsibility to intervene and curb this crime against humanity,” Director General of police Ezzeldin El Sheikh said as quoted by The Guardian.

The police officer believes that the religious leaders would play a key role in helping the authorities end this practice.

According to the United Nations, 87 percent of Sudanese women have undergone female genital mutilation. The external genitalia of girls between the age of five and 14 is partially or completely removed as per the practice that doesn’t go well with the medical sciences.

The country also decided to end child marriage. According to the report published in The Guardian one third of the Sudanese girls are married before they reach the age of 18.

“The work [to end child marriage] now awaits the government to implement the law through programmes addressing social norms and through making it clearly punitive to breach the law,” Equality Now’s director of programmes Niki Kandirikirira said.

“We welcome comments by police chief Lt Gen Ezzeldin El Sheikh in highlighting that FGM is now forbidden by law in Sudan and those involved can face arrest, and we hope that his words will translate into action by the police force,” she added.

Earlier, the Sudanese government ended allowed people to religiously convert from Islam, allowed more freedom to the women and permitted non-Muslims to drink alcohol in the country.