A six-year-old girl was gangraped, killed and her lungs were extracted by the criminals to perform black magic in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The police arrested the killers on Sunday. According to ASP (Rural) Brajesh Srivastava, the killers — 20-year-old Ankul Kuril and 31-year-old Beeran — took the lungs out of her body and delivered it to conspirator Parshuram Kuril for black magic.

“Several teams were deployed to crack the case. The girl’s neighbours, Ankul and Beeran, were picked up based on suspicion. On questioning, they confessed. They said a man called Parshuram, who is the uncle of Ankur, paid them some money to do this….,” senior police officer Brajesh Srivastava said as quoted by NDTV.

On Monday, the police arrested Parshuram, who first denied any involvement in the crime before breaking down to an intensive interrogation. As Parshuram confessed to his crime, his wife was also detained as she knew about the crime but did not report it to the police.

Parshuram and his wife got married in 1999 but could not give birth to a child. Instead of consulting a doctor, the couple decided to perform black magic with internal body parts of a young girl. For the crime, Parshuram persuaded his nephew Ankul and his friend Beeran to abduct the girl from Ghatampur on Diwali night.

Ankul and Beeran were drunk when they kidnapped the girl, who had gone to buy firecrackers. The criminals took the young girl to a jungle and raped her before killing and extracting her lungs.

They have been charged under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.