American biotechnology company Moderna has claimed that its vaccine is 94.5 percent effective against the deadly COVID-19. It became the second vaccine in the United States to claim of such a high success rate after Pfizer, which claimed of 90 percent success against coronavirus last week.

CNN quoted the country’s top infectious disease doctor Dr. Anthony Fauci saying: “These are obviously very exciting results.”

“It’s just as good as it gets — 94.5% is truly outstanding,” he added.

The Data Safety and Monitoring Board, an independent body analysing the clinical trial data of Moderna, confirmed the success rate of the vaccine to its manufacturers on a call on Sunday afternoon.

“It was one of the greatest moments in my life and my career. It is absolutely amazing to be able to develop this vaccine and see the ability to prevent symptomatic disease with such high efficacy,” Moderna’s chief medical officer Dr. Tal Zacks said.

According to Fauci, the vaccination process could start in December, starting with the high-risk groups in the US. The vaccine will reach the rest of the population in next spring.

“I think that everybody else will start to get vaccinated towards the end of April. And that will go into May, June, July. It will take a couple of months to do,” Fauci said.

According to Zacks, the Moderna vaccine can be kept at minus 20 degrees Celsius that is much convenient than the storage of Pfizer’s vaccine, which needs to be kept at minus 75 degrees Celsius.

“It can be kept in a readily available freezer that is available in most doctors’ offices and pharmacies. We leverage infrastructure that already exists for other marketed vaccines,” he said.