United States President Donald Trump has refused to concede defeat in the recently concluded Presidential election but he is showing little interest in fulfilling the responsibilities of the President. He did not make any public appearance for six days after conceding defeat to Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, the outgoing President visited the Arlington National Cemetery with his wife Melania Trump to mark Veterans Day. Trump did not deliver any speech at the cemetery.

However, Trump has been quite active on Twitter, alleging Biden of election fraud. He has also planning to file lawsuits in key states, where he lost to Biden by a narrow margin. According to Trump, Biden did some fraud with the mail-in ballots.

Trump had tweeted a video, in which some of the election workers can be seen collecting the mail-in ballots in Los Angeles. He claimed that the ballots were posted either on or even before the election day. Thousands of Twitter users shared the video before Twitter flagged it as disputed by saying: “claim about election fraud is disputed”.

The Los Angeles county registrar also took to Twitter to confirm that the ballots Trump has mentioned in his tweet were collected on 4 November.

“All Drop Boxes were closed and locked at 8PMon Election Night and ballots were collected the following day. These are valid ballots that will be processed and counted during the post-election canvass — like all outstanding vote by mail ballots,” the Los Angeles county registrar tweeted.