United States President-elect Joe Biden had stated in his political campaign that he would aim to eliminate the limit on various work visas, including the H-1B, in his term as the President. The recent changes in the immigration policies by the outgoing Donald Trump administration had affected tens of thousands of Indian professionals and their families in the US.

Biden may now work on the comprehensive immigration reform either at one go or in bits and pieces.

“High skilled temporary visas should not be used to disincentivise recruiting workers already in the US for in-demand occupations. An immigration system that crowds out high-skilled workers in favour of only entry level wages and skills threatens American innovation and competitiveness,” a policy document from the Biden campaign read.

“Biden will work with Congress to first reform temporary visas to establish a wage-based allocation process and establish enforcement mechanisms to ensure they are aligned with the labour market and not used to undermine wages. Then, Biden will support expanding the number of high-skilled visas and eliminating the limits on employment-based visas by country, which create unacceptably long backlogs,” the statement read further.

In June, outgoing President Trump had announced the suspension of the H-1B visas and other foreign work visas until the end of ongoing year. He had promised to protect the American workers with his move. In October, he added new restrictions on the H-1B visa programme, saying that the US-based companies must approve only qualified beneficiaries and petitioners for the H1B visas.