Grant Robertson became New Zealand’s first gay deputy Prime Minister as PM Jacinda Ardern announced an “incredibly diverse” cabinet on Monday. Another selection that drew attention on social media was Nanaia Mahuta as Foreign Minister as she has a Maori facial tattoo on the chin.

Ardern revamped the cabinet following a landslide election win. She said her priorities on the second term will be preventing the spread of COVID-19 and helping the recovery of the economy.

“It is both a cabinet with huge merit and talent, which also happens to be incredibly diverse,” Ardern said as quoted by AFP.

“I think it’s an important point to make — these are individuals who have been promoted for what they bring to the cabinet, they also reflect the New Zealand that elected them. I think as a country we should be proud of this,” the 40-year-old PM added.

Deputy PM Robertson was the chief strategist of the Ardern’s election campaign. He has retained the finance portfolio and will act as the infrastructure minister as well this time.

According to Ardern, Robertson’s selection was made for his leadership qualities and not on the basis of his identification.

“One of the amazing things about New Zealand is that we are often in a space where these questions become secondary,” she said.

“The representation is there and that is not the first consideration, that is often not how our members first and foremost identify themselves,” Ardern added.