India is set to increase its manufacturing capabilities to pre-order 600 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, second only to the United States, which has already pre-ordered 810 million confirmed doses. While India is negotiating for another billion doses to vaccinate at least half of the population, the US has its eyes on another 1.6 billion doses.

The United States-based Duke Global Health Innovation Center released a global analysis of advance market commitments (AMCs) that further shed light on the fact that a human will require two doses of vaccine for complete protection.

“In terms of numbers of confirmed doses, the USA has pre-ordered the largest number (810 million confirmed, another 1.6 billion doses under negotiation), followed by India (600 million doses confirmed, with another 1 billion doses under negotiation), and the EU (400 million doses confirmed, another 1.565 billion doses under negotiation). But in terms of percent of population covered by confirmed purchases, Canada has pre-purchased enough vaccine to cover 527% of their population, followed by the UK at 277% of their population,” Andrea D Taylor, assistant director at the Duke Global Health Innovation Center, said.

Taylor, who led the global analysis, added: “Of course, it is important to remember that most likely only some of the vaccine purchases will come through, depending on regulatory approval.”

The vaccines are expected to take at least three to four years to protect the world population. However, India has already purchased nearly 3.8 billion doses with its impressive manufacturing capacity.