A Mumbai-based couple, identified as Oniba and Shareeq, are under police custody in Qatar for over one year on charges of drug trafficking. In June 2019, one of the couple’s relatives, Tabassum Riaz Quereshi had sponsored the couple’s honeymoon trip to Qatar but she packed 4 kg hashish in their luggage.

On July 6, 2019, Oniba and Shareeq were arrested by Qatari police after they landed at Hamad International Airport. They told the police that they thought it is tobacco, which Tabassum had packed for her Doha-based friend.

At the time of arrest, Oniba was pregnant with her first child. The couple was sentenced for 10 years of imprisonment and one crore fine. However, Mumbai police and the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) came to the rescue of the couple and investigated to find out that the couple was duped by Tabassum.

Last year, Tabassum was arrested by Mumbai Police but she was released on bail in September this year.

Speaking with India Today, Oniba’s mother Parveen Kausar said: “Just as the couple was leaving, Tabassum gave Shareeq a bag and asked him to keep their clothes in that bag. On July 5, 2019, the couple left for Bengaluru. In Bengaluru, Tabassum’s contact gave them one more bag.”

“Shareeq was a little worried and so he called up Tabassum to enquire about the bag. She told him that there were some gutka and zarda in the bag and since these products were very costly in Qatar, he should take the bag with him and hand it to a contact she had given,” she added.