America recorded the highest number of fresh coronavirus cases on Friday. The new 82,900 cases surpassed previous record which was set in summertime across the Sun Belt. Most of the hospitals in the West and Midwest have already been overwhelmed with rising patients and deaths due to the COVID-19.

The current rise is even more dangerous than the previous one as the geographic spread has left the experts in worry that it could cause shortages in the medical supplies and staff. Many of the hospitals have started to report the shortfalls of the common most drugs that are required for the treatment of the deadly COVID-19.

“One key way we got through previous waves was by moving health-care workers around. That’s just not possible when the virus is surging everywhere,” Boston University epidemiologist Eleanor J. Murray said as quoted by The Washington post.

“We are starting this wave much higher than either of the previous waves. And it will simply keep going up until people and officials decide to do something about it,” Murray added.

A day earlier, Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot (D) had announced a fresh set of restrictions on the businesses. White House coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx was quick to react on the Chicago Mayor’s action, saying that the shut down will not be enough to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“It won’t be as simple as closing public spaces. What has happened in the last three to four weeks is that people have moved their social gatherings indoors,” Birx said, referring to rising public gatherings.