Gilead Sciences Inc.’s Remdesivir becomes the first drug approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of the deadly COVID-19. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump was given the same drug and it helped him recover from coronavirus quickly.

Now with the approval from the US federal drug regulatory body, Remdesivir can be sold under the brand name Veklury. It is expected to become the most trusted medicine for the coronavirus patients. There aren’t many drugs presently available in the market for the treatment of the virus.

“Veklury is now the first and only approved Covid-19 treatment in the United States,” Gilead said in a statement.

Initially, the supply of the drug was short but the Gilead is now set to supply it widely to the COVID-19 hospitals in the US. The manufacturing of the drug has already been expanded by the company.

However, the drug is yet to show some concrete results on the reduction of the COVID-19 fatalities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), no medicine has been successful to reduce the fatalities so far.

Gilead was quick to criticise the WHO for its claim as the drug manufacturer quoted its Chief Medical Officer Merdad Parsey in a letter saying that the findings do not negate any other results of Remdesivir.

Following the approval from the FDA, the shares of Gilead saw a rise of 4.1 percent on Thursday. According to Bloomberg, the pharmaceutical company is expected to generate sales of $2.17 billion this year with the help of remdesivir.