Like all other major festivals this year, Durga Puja during COVID 19 will be an unforgettable event for all of us. Unlike every year, when we put on our best clothes and jewellery, go pandal-hopping and eat delicious food with our family & friends, this year we will be stuck in our homes, decking up for that perfect selfie and for meeting our loved ones over video calls.

However, the ‘festivities’ during a pandemic is not the same for everyone. People like us who are lucky enough to be safe and financially stable during these uncertain times can do something more special for the talented artisans and jewelry designers in the narrow bylanes of dusty Odia cities like Cuttack. These ‘karigars’ with their amazing craftsmanship, spend hours translating their artistic imagination into exquisite handmade silver filigree jewelry. This year, why not go a step ahead and bring some festival cheer into their homes. Lets go local by buying Odia silver tarakasi/ filigree jewelry for our friends and relatives.

Silver Filigree (Tarakasi) is Odisha’s delicately beautiful gift to the world and by supporting the local artisans, you can gift them some happiness by supporting their small businesses during the dark and uncertain times of the pandemic.

In Odia, ‘tara’ means wire and ‘kasi’ translates to design. Beaten silver is drawn into thin fine wires and foils, which are then designed diligently to create artistic masterpieces.

In this article, we dedicate our love and support to the artisans, who have adapted the Tarakasi jewelry into multiple wearable forms including earrings, bangles, nose rings, anklets and even handicrafts and artifacts, this jewelry form can have a special place in every woman’s heart. 

Here’s why you should buy tarakasi jewelry from the local artisans today:

The Delicate Balance of Contemporary Design in Oriental Form

Delicately balancing the contemporary designs in an oriental form, the Odia tarakasi jewelry brings out the best of both, for women of all ages.

The intricate designs in silver that have been translated to multiple forms of jewelry are timeless pieces which will never go out of fashion. 

Easy on the pocket

Unlike other precious metals like gold and platinum, silver is fairly affordable and easy on the pocket. In Silver filigree, there is a tremendous variety in terms of wearable jewelry form, design, silver quality and weight, each of which contributes to it’s cost. This factor creates a wide price range, making it fairly affordable for anyone who is looking for beauty embodied in silver.

Creates a statement for every occasion

Unlike the heavy form of jewelry, Silver is classy and yet not overtly shiny in appearance. The tarakasi jewelry brings out the best of this aspect of silver, subtly complementing any form of clothing, both traditional and modern, fitting in beautifully, into one’s overall persona for every special occasion.

Light weight and easy to maintain

Silver is one of the most easy to maintain precious metals. It does not blacken for years together, needs minimum maintenance and is sturdy. The tarakasi jewelry, is thus light weight and easy to maintain, making it comfortable to wear and a beautiful yet convenient piece of possession.

The perfect gift

Thanks to the imagination of the artisans, the silver filigree art form is not just limited to wearable jewelry, it has also been converted to beautiful pieces of handicrafts that can adorn one’s home or workplace, making it a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys beauty and art.