Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates believes that India’s research and manufacturing will be “critical” in the global fight against coronavirus. He was addressing the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2020 when he showed immense faith in India’s role in the development of vaccine for the deadly COVID-19.

Calling India “very inspiring”, Gates recalled how the county has contributed in the field of health in the last two decades.

“And now, India’s research and manufacturing will be critical to fighting Covid-19 especially when it comes to making vaccines at large scale,” Microsoft Corp co-founder said.

“Since the pandemic began, scientists have shared 1,37,000 viral Covid-19 genomic sequences,” he added.

Gates praised the Indian pharmaceutical companies that have increased the production like never seen before.

Talking about the vaccine development, Gates said: “Probably, the first approved vaccine for Covid-19 will be mRNA”.

He was quick to add that even after the development of the vaccine, there might come up a logistical problem due to the lack of a proper cold chain.

Commenting on the need of innovation in the field of diagnostics, Gates said: “Even when sometimes people are tested, results come back negative because some of the tests are not sensitive to the small nano virus”.

“So, the diagnostics are letting us down. Right now, the current business model is identifying people with symptoms and we need to change that. We need sensitive and specific diagnostic tests which matter and we need to make it easy to access,” he added, referring to the asymptomatic nature of the infection.