Sujit Digal, a Bhubaneswar-based auto rickshaw driver, has converted his vehicle into a mini garden as he carries plants, a fish bowl, caged birds and rabbits wherever he goes. Digal belongs to Odisha’s Kandhamal village and misses his home a lot as the lockdown has restricted him to go back home so often.

Amid the hustle-bustle of the capital city, Digal has decided to travel along with some companions in his auto. “I hail from a village in Kandhamal and I miss my native place. I feel suffocated in this big city,” Digal told news agency ANI.

“Since I can’t go to my village often, I thought of designing my auto in this way. The plants and birds provide a vibe of my village,” he added.

In the viral pictures of the auto rickshaw, potted plants can be seen along with a small fish bowl. Digal also keeps birds and rabbits inside of a cage.

While some people on social media are impressed with Digal, many others have expressed concern about the safety of fish, birds and rabbits. Many of the social media users reminded Digal of how the animals can also feel “suffocated” inside the cages like the way he felt.