The United States President Donald Trump made his first public appearance on Saturday since he contracted COVID-19. Addressing his supporters from the White House balcony, maskless Trump said that he is “feeling great”.

“I want you to know our nation is going to defeat this terrible China virus,”  Trump told hundreds of supporters. “It’s going to disappear, it is disappearing. Get out and vote — and I love you,” the President said.

The Republican supporters gathered at the South Lawns of the White House. Most of them were sporting light blue t-shirts and red MAGA (Make America Great Again) caps. Though most of his supporters at the event were wearing masks, there was little social distancing at the event. Trump will address two more rallies next week- Pennsylvania on Tuesday and in Iowa on Wednesday.

Trump is trailing behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden by around 10 points in the national polls. However, he insists that the pollsters are wrong. “We have a level of support the likes of which nobody has ever seen,” Trump boasted.

Coronavirus has killed more than 210,000 Americans. There is massive public dissatisfaction over Trump’s approach to contain the spread of the pandemic. Thus, adversely affecting his chances of winning a second term as president on November 3.

On a related note, Donald Trump, 74, and his wife Melania, 50, tested COVID-19 positive last week. After spending four days in the military hospital, Trump returned to the White House on Monday and resumed work.