The United States tightened the restrictions for the H-1B work visa holders as the Departments of Labor and Homeland Security further overhauled the guest worker program on Tuesday. The new rule says that the US-based companies can replace the American job seekers with the foreigners only if they agree to receive lower wages.

The DHS rule will also decide on the “specialty occupations” for which the H-1B visa holders can qualify. They would require petitioners only to prove that they hold a college degree or have expertise in the applied field. The workers that are hired by third-party human resource companies will be granted one-year authorisations for work. Currently, the permit if of three years in such a case.

The final interim rule by the Department of Labor will take effect on Thursday. However, the DHS companion rule will be enforced in the next two months. The experts as well as the government officials believe that these rules are the broadest overhaul of the H-1B program in decades.

“We’re making good on President Trump’s promise that he made to the American people nearly four years ago, to restore the integrity to the immigration system, to protect Americans from those who seek to exploit our system for personal gain, and to never forget each and every hard-working American struggling to provide for his or her family,” Ken Cuccinelli, the second-in-command at DHS, said.

“This rule will help us rebuild our economy and put Americans back to work,” Cuccinelli added.