The coronavirus pandemic has troubled all age groups across the globe. However, a pattern of infective cases in Mumbai shows that there has been a significant rise in infection among the people below the age of 40. The doctors practicing in Mumbai says they witnessed a 34 per cent rise in COVID-19 cases among under 40-year-old people in the last one month.

The doctors add that these young patients after seeing the coronavirus symptoms did not visit a doctor and self-medicated at home to make it even worse. After failing to cure themselves at home, they test for COVID-19 and end up admitting in hospitals with severe complications.

In a report published by NDTV, Dean of the jumbo facility of the BMC, Dr. Rajesh Dere, said, “It has been observed for many days now that young patients, men and women, have been self-medicating at home in spite of being positive or having symptoms and suddenly get admitted to the hospital,”

“When our doctors examine them, they are found to be in mild or moderate stages of the virus. In moderate cases, the severity of the infection increases, treatment span increases, and some of them get admitted to the ICU and some do not survive the virus,” he added.

NDTV quoted a patent, who self-medicated for fever and ended up admitting to the jumbo facility with on oxygen support.

“I had a few symptoms on September 22, had a headache and slight fever. I thought it must be flu as it had happened three of four times before,” the patient said.