A face mask can give you as much as 50 percent protection from the coronavirus infection as it filters the air for our respiratory tract. Acne, anxiety and foggy glasses are some of problems that a mask may carry. But, did you know a mask may cause you sore throat as well? If no, then do not worry, here is how you can avoid such a problem.

We must maintain hygiene of a mask by regularly washing or changing it to stay away safe from germs and bacteria. The dust that accumulates on the mask can cause you sore throat. If you keep using a face mask without washing it for a long time, these dust particles enter your throat and can cause an irritation.

Add to that, you have to speak louder when in mask so that others can hear clearly. The loud voice put strain on your throat and you sometimes feel irritated.

Wash your mask regularly with warm water and soap and put it under direct sunlight after every single use. One should have at least two masks so that one mask can be used on alterative days.

Wash your hands before wearing a mask and do not touch it frequently.