Prahallad Bisi, a 32-year-old seventh-passed man from Bargarh district from Odisha, has been arrested for manufacturing a fake COVID-19 vaccine at home. He had emailed the state authorities seeking a license to sell his vaccine. When the police and drug enforcement officials raided his premises in Rusuda village, they found many vials labelled as “COVID-19 vaccine” along with some medicines to cure infertility.

When asked about the formula of the coronavirus vaccine, Bisi refused to reveal and called it a “top secret”.

“We got to know about his claim when he sent an email asking for a licence to sell the product he calls the vaccine. During the raid, we found several glass vials with stickers of Covid-19 vaccine, some powders and chemical materials,” Bargarh drug inspector Sasmita Dehury said as quoted by the Hindustan Times.

“We have booked him under section 18(c) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940. We are investigating if the man was previously involved in administering any drugs in the locality,” Dehury added.

The accused claims that he has not sold the fake vaccine to anyone and was seeking permission from the authorities. However, Bisi added that his medicines for infertility have fetched him a high price.