China, the country that saw the first-ever case of coronavirus, has injected an unproven vaccine for the protection against the deadly virus in tens of thousands of essential workers, including government officials, teachers, those who travel abroad as part of job and employees of pharmaceutical companies and supermarkets.

The Chinese authorities are planning to vaccinate more people with the substance calling it specifically for the emergency use.

The world is yet to discover a vaccine for COVID-19. The registered vaccine candidates worldwide are currently on the third phase of the human trials. China has not even registered such a late stage of any vaccine candidate so far.

The vaccine that China is injecting has not been studied anywhere outside the country. And therefore, it make cause harmful side effects. It is also not confirmed whether China has sought consent of the people before injecting them with the country made vaccine or not.

The people have signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents them from sharing relevant information regarding the vaccine with the media.

“My worry for the employees of the companies is it may be difficult for them to refuse,” Australia’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute pediatrician, Dr. Kim Mulholland, was quoted as saying by Economic Times