United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died due to metastatic pancreatic cancer at her Washington residence on Friday. Ginsburg, who became the Supreme Court’s second female justice, was 87-year-old.

In July, Ginsburg had announced that she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a cancer in her liver. The champion women’s right activist had survived several battles against cancer throughout her life.

Ginsburg’s death is even more tragic as the Election Day in the US is approaching in six weeks. The lawmakers and experts have started debates over whether US President Donald Trump should nominate Ginsburg’s replacement or the seat should remain vacant until the elections. In either of the case, the top court will be dominated by the conservatives.

In the presidential elections, Trump would be contesting against Democrat Joe Biden.

Ginsburg was a liberal and in her presence the Supreme Court had four archconservatives and as many liberals. Chief Justice John Roberts is known to be a conservative. And now a new appointment by Trump, his third as such, is most likely to be a sixth Republican appointee in the Supreme Court.

Experts believe that the Supreme Court dominated by conservatives will not not serve justice on issues related to the upcoming elections and health care.