Sanju Rani Verma was 28-year-old when she ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage in 2013. Now, when she is back after seven years, Verma has become a commercial tax officer as she cleared the Public Service Commission (PSC) examination last week.

The inspiring story of Verma’s determination is breaking the internet.

In 2013, Verma was pursuing a post-graduation degree from the Delhi University when her mother died. The family members of Verma pressurised her to leave post-graduation and get married to a man of their choice. But Verma fought for her rights and decided to flee after she failed to convinced her family members.

According to the report published in The Times of India, Verma had to leave her post-graduation mid-way and had no financial support when she ran away from her home. Verma rented a small apartment and took private tuition classes to manage her expenses. While doing part-time teaching jobs, she focused on her preparations for the PSC exam.

Verma cleared the 2018 edition of the UPSC exam. The result was announced last week. But Verma has already planned bigger as she will now aim to clear the civil service exam to become a divisional magistrate.