Four patients of COVID-19 died due to the shortage of oxygen cylinders at the Amaltas Institute of Medical Sciences, a private hospital designated for the coronavirus treatment in Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district. The hospital had no adequate levels of oxygen for close to seven hours on Wednesday as the state relies heavily on Maharashtra for the supply of these cylinders.

The COVID hospital had put all of its patients on non-invasive ventilators. The low amounts of oxygen helped some survive but left four of the patients dead. The state government has denied the link between the deaths with the shortage of oxygen, though it admitted that the short supply of oxygen is a big problem.

“We made an inquiry. They (Amaltas Hospital) have 400 cylinders and they use almost 200 on a daily basis. On Tuesday night, however, there was some problem loading the vehicle in Bhopal (which is around 160 km away), which led to some miscommunication. That is why there was a crisis,” Chief Medical Officer of the Dewas district, Dr. MP Sharma, told NDTV.

“The deaths are not related to (the problem with) oxygen supply,” he added.