The Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance has issued a memorandum on Economy Instructions — Printing Activities, stating that no ministry, public sector undertaking or public sector bank will print calendars, diaries and greeting cards.

The department also banned the printing of coffee-table books and asked the various other government departments to encourage e-books for the entertainment purposes.

“The Government of India has decided that there will be no activities towards printing wall calendars, desktop calendars, diaries festival greeting cards and similar materials for use in the coming year by any Ministries/Departments/PSUs/PSBs and all other organs of the government. All such activity shall go digital and online,” the finance ministry said in a statement.

With the decision, the ministry aims to introduce technological innovations that are effective as well as efficient in a long run for the economy. All the government offices have been notified and asked to adopt the innovative way to plan and design all the above mentioned material for a digital or online consumption.

According to a report published by Economic Times, the printing and distribution process of diaries and calendars on New Year costs as much as crores. “This monetary and manpower expenditure will now stop,” a senior official was quoted as saying.