Inc. founder Jeff Bezos became the first person ever to amass a $200 billion worth after his company’s stock edged up 2% on Wednesday. With the rise, Bezos’ net worth went up by $4.9 billion and he touched the magical figures that Forbes claims “unseen in the nearly four decades”.

According to the report by Forbes, Bezos’ worth reached $204.6 billion “as of 1:50 p.m. EDT on Wednesday”. World’s second-richest person, Bill Gates, is now almost $90 away from the Amazon founder with his current worth of $116.1 billion

Meanwhile, Elon Musk joined the $100 billion club after Tesla Inc. shares rallied to take his net worth to $101 billion on Wednesday.

The extreme growth of Bezos and Musk has invited debates on income inequality, with US Senator Bernie Sanders calling them “obscenely rich” at the time of coronavirus crisis.

“We cannot continue to allow billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk to become obscenely rich while millions of Americans face eviction, hunger and economic desperation. It’s time to fundamentally change our national priorities,” Sanders said in a statement.

Great Hill Capital chairman Thomas Hayes was among those who came in support of Bezos and Musk.

“When you look at Musk and Bezos, it’s understated to say that in their own ways, they’ve changed the world,” Hayes was quoted as saying by AP.