American e-commerce giant Amazon removed shirts with vulgar slogans against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The third parties selling these shirts have been listed by Amazon and might face legal action.

The social media looked flooded in the last couple of days with users sharing various versions of the derogatory merchandise against the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President.

“Joe and the Ho,” was among the common phrases referring to former Vice President Biden and US Senator Harris.

Amazon said the vulgar t-shirts were listed on the e-commerce since Wednesday morning, but the links have now been deactivated.

Amazon (AMZN) spokesperson said said in a statement: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. These products have been removed.”

Demetria Edwards, an Arkansas attorney, had written an email to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for the removal of the products.

According to the CNN, Edwards had called the anti-Biden and anti-Harris products “racist, sexist and offensive merchandise and a reprehensible attempt to demean, devalue, denigrate and degrade” the Democratic nominees for the upcoming elections.