Shobhram is illiterate but he knows the importance of education and thus, he doesn’t want his son to miss out on any opportunity to gain education. When the COVID-19 lockdown in Madhya Pradesh brought all public transport to a halt, Shobhram decided to peddle through 105 kilometers, carrying his son on a bicycle for his Class 10 boards supplementary exam.

“No means of transport, including bus, were available due to the prevailing coronavirus situation. But if I had missed this opportunity, then my son’s one year would have gone waste. Therefore, I decided to take him for the examination on a bicycle,” Shobhram told PTI.

“Besides, we don’t have money or even a motorcycle. Nobody helps. But for improving my son’s life, I brought him to Dhar for appearing in the examination on bicycle,” he added.

The supplementary exam was conducted for students who couldn’t pass a subject in the first attempt.

Shobhram said he carried enough food for himself and his son for the long journey and took rest for only a few hours.

“We carried food and other eatables with us for sustaining ourselves in Dhar for two-three days. We started on Monday and after spending a few hours of night at Manawar town, we reached Dhar on Tuesday morning just before start of the exam,” he said.