Blasting a major state enterprise for replacing green card holders or the US citizens with foreign workers, President Donald Trump on Monday barred federal agencies from doing so. In an executive order signed on Monday, President Trump aimed at increasing the scrutiny of federal contractors and how they use H-1B visas to dismiss American workers and employ foreign labour.

The action came in the wake of federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority’s announcement in June that it is laying off 62 IT workers as the federal power agency outsources data and programming work.

The COVID-19 has adverse effects on Americans as it has thrown millions out of work and as the cases continue to surge, the chances of recovery seem bleak.

Ahead of the polls in November, Trump’s action would show his intention to secure Americans’ jobs.

Calling TVA Chief Executive Officer Jeff Lyash’s outsourcing decision as “disastrous and heartless”, Trump said the board must sack Lyash, or he will do it.

After the new executive order, it will be made mandatory for the federal agencies to give preference to US residents and green card holders even for contract positions, similar to the full-time roles. As per reports, there will also be a study to check how many federal jobs are being done by foreign visa holders.

The other changes to the H-1B visa program are being worked on and may be announced in the coming weeks.