After the scorching summer, everyone eagerly waits for nature to open its sprinklers. Monsoon is a breath of relief as it means bidding adieu to the the hot Indian summer and its soaring temperature.

The heavy downpour outside easily draws everyone inside and puts in us, a yearning for mouth-watering snacks. Fried, spicy, steaming hot snacks with a cup of masala chai or coffee goes impeccably well with the cool wind and overcast grey skies. 

And with a pandemic raging outside it is even more important to stay home and stay safe. So since you cannot head to your favourite road side stall, we thought of bringing 10 lip smacking homemade munchies right to you which are perfect for those drippy cool monsoon days.

1. Maggi

Picture Courtesy @the_orotund

Maggi-Maggi-Maggi! there is no other way to resonate with the melody of these words. 

Add veggies to your masala Maggi and generously slide couple of cheese slices – take your bowl, sit by the window and relish it while you enjoy the drizzle. 

2. Chaula Bara

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This dish is an authentic Western Odisha delicacy. 

Rice is an integral ingredient in many preparations of Western Odisha. One of their tastiest snacks is Chaula Bara. These lip smacking crispy fritters along with the spicy tamarind chutney are a crowd favorite. An absolutely easy and quick recipe, Chaula Bara is perfect for a rainy evening!When served with the spicy tamarind chutney – it sets the mood right for the entire family on a pouring night. 

Click here for the recipe

3. Corn Chaat

Who can say that monsoon doesn’t remind them of hot steaming bhutta with salt, red chilli and a hint of tangy lemon on it.  This monsoon try serving it bhel-style. Peel the corn, add tomatoes, onions, salt, red chilli, top it with butter, some cheese and serve hot. This will definitely leave your taste buds tantalized.

Picture Courtesy @food_naad

4. Mudhi Mixture

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This easy snack from the east is a humble spin off of the popular beachside snack- jhal muri that can be a good option for a laid back rainy day. 

All you need is mudhi (puffed rice), generously add mixture, some chopped onions, tomatoes green chillies and coriander leaves. Sprinkle some salt and some chaat masala. To give it the extra flavour add a little achaar oil. Throw all of it in a bowl, mix well and you are good to go. 

5. Bhajiya

Potato and onion bhajiya are nibbles that can be served at all times. Wear your chef hat and try a new edition of bhajiya- quite popular in Surat, Gujarat.

Slice a tomato in fine round shape, spread some mint coriander paste on it, add green chillies and salt, dip it in spicy besan batter and deep fry. Voila! This simple bhajiya will leave everyone asking for more. 

Picture Courtesy tanusrecipes

6. Poha

One of the most popular Maharashtrian dishes- Poha makes for the perfect monsoon meal.

This monsoon take a break from the regular poha and try turning to the recipe of lip-smacking kanda (onion) poha. It’s delicious!

7. Chuda Bhaja 

A staple snack of the east, Chuda Bhaja is a quickie for a lazy rainy day. 

First dry roast some chuda (beaten rice). Next heat some oil, add dried red chillies, curry leaves, sliced onions, a pinch of turmeric, salt and chopped green chillies. Saute for sometime then throw in the dry roasted chuda- wait for it to turn brown and crispy. Serve it as is. 

Click here for the recipe of chuda bhaja- sweet and savoury versions

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This is the all-age all-season favourite snack. Traditional crispy hot samosas can be served with a tangy date tamarind or green chutney on a cool monsoon evening to add that instant magic to your day and mood.

9. Bread Pakoda

On a drizzling Sunday morning, serve a hot plate of scrumptious bread pakoda with garlic-tomato ketchup on the side and witness the delight it brings to your loved ones. You can coat the bread with spicy mashed potatoes then dip it in the gram flour (Besan) batter and deep fry or skip the potatoes if you aren’t a fan.

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10. Egg Chop

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Egg in all its manifestation is pleasing to the tastebuds. Slice a boiled egg into half, coat it with spicy mashed potatoes, dip it in an egg, next roll the ball in breadcrumbs and deep fry. Sprinkle some chat masala and serve it with spicy green chilli chutney and onions on the side on a rainy afternoon.