A US court has rejected USD 1.5 million bail application of  26/11 Attacks plotter Tahawwur Rana, a Pak-origin Canadian businessman. He has been declared a fugitive by India for his role in 2008 Mumbai terror attack. Rana, 59, was arrested for the second time on June 10 in Los Angeles after his extradition request by India.

US District Court Judge in Los Angeles Jacqueline Chooljian denied bail to Rana arguing that he is a flight risk. “Given the stakes, an allowance of bail in any amount would not guarantee Rana’s presence in court. Granting bail would invite the possibility of embarrassing the United States in the conduct of its foreign affairs, straining its relationship with India,” Assistant US Attorney John J Lulejian had told the court.

“There is no question in the court’s mind that given Rana’s significant foreign ties, particularly to Canada, and the potential death penalty awaiting him in India if he is extradited on and convicted of the most serious pending charges, he is a flight risk,” the court said.

Rana, who is currently a Canadian citizen served as a doctor in the Pakistani army for more than a decade.

As per the federal prosecutors, Rana conspired with David Headley, his childhood friend, to carry out 2008 Mumbai attacks, in which 166 were killed and over 300 were injured.

David Headley has been made an approver in the case. He is currently serving 35-year imprisonment in the US.