The country is gearing up to resume international flights to the United States, France, and Germany with ‘air bubbles’ this week. Air India opened the bookings for the flights to the aforementioned countries at 8 PM on July 18, online through their website and offline through booking offices as well as authorized travel agents.

Before you book your ticket, read the following guidelines to make sure you have a safe and hasslefree travelling experience.

The US:

*As many as 180 connecting flights will take off from July 22 to August 31.
*The bookings for the connecting flights from New Delhi to New York have started and America’s United Airlines has its fare starting at Rs. 57,000, almost half of Air India’s ticket price.
*The flights connecting New York, Chicago, Newark, San Francisco and Washington DC, with Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, will begin soon.
*Nationals, permanent residents and their spouses are allowed to travel to the US. In case, the national or permanent resident is either unmarried or younger than 21 then his or her parents or legal guardians can also fly to the US.
*You will not be allowed to make family visits or visits for job-seeking purposes.

*New Delhi-Paris connecting flights will commence from July 23, in intervals of three flights every week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
*Spouses and children of French nationals will be allowed to travel to France.
*Passenger will have to carry an International Travel Certificate that can be collected from the French consular offices abroad or online at

*For Germany, initially the connecting flights from New Delhi to Frankfurt will commence from July 25, in intervals of four flights every week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
*Visits for jobs will not be allowed but visas on family reunion, including intended marriage, will be allowed.
*Passengers will have to carry either a residence permit or a permanent residence permit within Germany to travel to Frankfurt.