Binge-watching has become a habit thanks to the major shift in our lifestyles brought about by the plethora of on-demand streaming services and the omnipresent black screens in our living rooms, bedrooms and more recently on our palms. 

More often than not we tend to resonate with a character in the books we read and movies/shows we watch. Sometimes it so happens we see a part of us in them. Infact one cannot even begin to imagine the impact that on screen love stories have on young hearts. And come on, admit it, do you not fantasize and pray for your love story to be similar to those of the fictional iconic couples. Well! Such is their charisma!

When talking about iconic love stories of television, how can we not mention Ross & Rachel (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) and Jim & Pam (The Office). 

Go down memory lane and tell us which of these amazing couples are you? 


You have a high-school crush turned lover

Ross gave his heart to his sister’s best friend right from high-school days. Ross’s love blossomed when Rachel moved in with Monica after she became the runaway bride. And that’s how Ross and Rachel became each other’s lobsters forever.

2. You accept your partner for the good and the bad 

Ross drew a list of pros and cons in Rachel while Rachel once wrote a letter where she puts out her thoughts about both of them and their relationship. This reminds us of one epic throwaway line by Ross -“the letter was 18 pages, front and back”.

While they lauded each other’s great qualities, they were not blinded by the different, annoying and not so righteous side of their partner. 

Here, the key is to accept one another whole-heartedly

3. Your partner becomes your final destination

Given the history, Rachel made her way through life from being a waitress to working at Bloomingdale’s then Ralph Lauren and finally winning her big-ticket to Paris. 

Paris was her dream-job and it meant the world to her but she decided to get off the ‘’plane’’

4. You guys lived through hard times – No break could break you two.

A fan can auto-imagine Ross yelling “We were on a Break“. 

Ross and Rachel also had major ups and downs. From Ross’s blip with the girl from the copy place to Rachel’s demanding job at Bloomingdale’s to Emily coming in the way of their friendship, no bump was big enough for these two. The couple lived and loved through all their breaks!


1. You are highly comfortable in your own skin in their presence

A relationship doesn’t have to be all serious and full of deep conversations. It has to be light-hearted and full of laughs. You should be able to laugh through all your situations when your partner is around – just like Jim and Pam.

The weird you, shy you, awkward you, mean you, kind you – all of you should be on the table.

The weirder, the better.

2. You value purity over material expression of love

When Jim proposed Pam at a gas station, it touched million hearts with rushing goosebumps. 

Jim and Pam set an example that love can be expressed even with the simplest of words at the not-so-fancy places.

3. You both support each other through thick and thin

Right after their engagement when Pam decides to go for design school, Jim reposes confidence in her decision. Similarly, Pam is ultra-supportive of Jim’s decision to leave Dunder Mifflin for Stamford and more so when he almost takes a corporate job.

In every relationship there comes a time when one has to move ahead of the other. The key is to keep walking together.

4. You find your Best Friend in them

Remember when they convinced Dwight that he was Asian? Or when they sent a letter to Dwight from CIA recruiting him for a top-secret mission? – such fun stunts can only be pulled with your best friend on the side.

More than a boyfriend – girlfriend, Jim and Pam were best friends for sure.

If your life partner is also your partner  in crime, life becomes a lot more fun and exciting.