The tally of deadly COVID-19 is showing no sign of relief in the United States as the country continued to break its own daily records with 77,217 new cases in a single day on Thursday. As many as 969 patients succumbed to the virus, the biggest spike since June 10, with states like Florida, South Carolina and Texas reporting their biggest spikes in 24 hours.

So far, more than 138,000 Americans have died due to the coronavirus. States like Texas and Arizona have been the most affected as the morgues there are full and coolers are being used to store the infected bodies.

Recently, the country’s top virus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that the US could record 100,000 cases a day if Americans do not take necessary steps to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

Media all across the globe has termed Americans ‘careless’ in the fight against coronavirus as they are reopening schools and businesses despite virus scare and that too without compulsory face masks in public.

The month of April has been the worst hit so far with 2,000 people dying of coronavirus on average in a single day. In May, the average per day COVID-19 deaths came down to 1300, followed by under 800 in June before rising again in July.