Western Odisha is a truly a treasure trove of lip smacking cuisine. The authentic food of the west is quite unique and different from that of the coastal region. Rice is an integral ingredient in many of its preparations. One of their tastiest snacks is Chaula Bara. These lip smacking crispy fritters along with the spicy tamarind chutney are a crowd favourite. An absolutely easy and quick recipe, Chaula Bara is perfect for a rainy evening!

Preparation time- 16 hours
Cooking time- 30 minutes


1. Parboiled rice- 1 cup
2. Urad dal – 1/3rd cup
3. Carom seeds- ½ tsps
4. Baking soda- ½ tsps
5. Vegetable oil- 1 cup
6. Tamarind- 10 gms
7. Garlic- 10-12 cloves
8. Green chilies- 3-4
9. Salt to taste


For the Bara/ fritters

1. Soak the Parboiled rice and Urad dal in water for 7-8 hours
2. Grind the mixture and leave the batter to ferment for around 8 hours
3. Add salt
4. Add carom seeds
5. Add baking soda
6. Mix well
7. Heat oil in pan
8. Grease your hands with water and make small balls of the batter and fry
9. When they turn light brown, remove on a paper towel for the oil to soak

For the chutney

In a mixer jar
1. Add tamarind
2. Add garlic cloves
3. Add green chillies
4. Salt to taste
5. Add 1 glass water
6. Grind till smooth

Serve the hot and crunchy bara with chutney