India is on the brink of reaching 10 lakh COVID-19 cases and the news can scare all. However, the biggest relief is that the 20 states out of the 29 total have a recovery rate much more than the active cases.

According to the health ministry, 20 Indian states have an average recovery rate of 63 percent, while only six states, comprising Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikkim, have more active COVID-19 cases than recovered ones.

On Tuesday, as many as 28,498 fresh cases were reported from all across India. The total tally of coronavirus cases reached to 9,06,752, with the death toll mounting to 23,727. So far, the country has recorded 5,71,459 recoveries, while 3,11,565 COVID-19 cases are still active.

“Thus, around 63.02 per cent of patients have recovered so far. In many states, the number of daily discharges from hospitals is more than the number of daily admissions,” an official said as quoted by the Indian Express.

Andaman and Nicobar is on the top of the list of states that have cured COVID-19 patients. The state has 109 recoveries, while 57 cases are still active. Andhra Pradesh is second in the list as it has recorded 16,464 recoveries, with 14,274 active cases.

Assam, Bihar and Chandigarh are next in the list with a ration of 10,894/5876, 12,317/5482 and 423/157 respectively. Daman and Diu ranks sixth with 268 recoveries and 226 active cases.

It is not surprising anymore that Delhi also has an impressive ratio of 91,312/19,017 with successful treatment of patients through plasma therapy. The national capital ranks seventh in the list.

Until Tuesday, Goa had 1,540 recoveries with 1026 active cases, while Gujarat recorded 29,770 recoveries besides 10,897 active cases. Haryana sealed the 10th spot in the list of states with impressive recoveries with 16,602 patients recovered and 4984 still fighting the deadly virus.