When Sachin Pilot looked all set to take off from the Congress, the Rajasthan ruling party took over the control and sacked him from the position of Deputy Chief Minister and the state party chief on Tuesday. Pilot skipped a meeting of MLAs earlier today and looks set to leave the Congress party just like Jyotiraditya Scindia did in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress lost power in Madhya Pradesh and will be losing it in Rajasthan if the Ashok Gehlot government fails the floor test.

Here is a quick recap of the Rajasthan’s political drama:

1. Following his sacking, Pilot took to Twitter to say: “The truth can be harassed but not defeated.”

2. CM Gehlot met Governor Kalraj Mishra as the Congress now has 100 MLAs by its side, the exact half in the 200-member assembly.

3. Three of Congress MLAs left the party on Tuesday morning.

4. On Monday, Gehlot’s MLAs were sent to a resort in the busses from his residence.

5. Earlier, the Congress had 107 MLAs and the support of 13 independent MLAs along with five from smaller parties. Now, the ruling party has 90 Congress MLAs, seven independent MLAs and three from smaller parties.

6. Rajkumar Roat, a supporting MLA from the Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP), shared a video on social media alleging that the Congress directed police to not let him move from the resort. “It is a hostage-like situation,” Roat alleged, adding that his car keys were snatched by the police.

7. The BJP despatched one of their politician, Om Mathur, to Jaipur to make sure Gehlot faces a floor test in the assembly.