Storytelling is a very creative art and podcasting is a form of storytelling.

Podcasting is a medium through which the listener is introduced to the inner world of the wise, intellectual and influential storyteller. Since podcasts are pre-recorded, one is at the liberty to choose WHEN and WHERE they want to listen to it.

Relatable podcasts from stalwarts stay with the individual and provide an understanding of why few people are more successful or famous, factors that guided their paths and how an ordinary person can implement and learn from those tested strategies. 

Podcasts are rarely, if ever, censored. They are also usually open-ended with no time limits bounding the conversation. Both these factors allow the speakers to open up and speak their minds; something the listeners won’t find on other platforms.

Podcast listening is a positive habit which is proven to improve the mental as well as physical wellbeing of individuals.

Today, we bring to you podcasts from 5 influential people with a proven track record of being impactful.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena with Sara Ali Khan on the sets of What Women Want

Who would have thought that one day the Bollywood diva will be seen as a podcast host, away from the big screen. And Bebo slayed it yet again!

Kareena made her debut with What Women Want with Kareena Kapoor Khan on Ishq 104.8 FM. It’s a 10 minutes quick conversational clip where Kareena unapologetically talks with elite people from Bollywood / blogger community like Malaika Arora, Swara Bhaskar, Tushar Kapoor, Komal Pandey and others. The conversations are fun and they interact about fitness, relationships, patriarchy, nepotism, pregnancy, women in Bollywood and many other topics.

It’s the go-to podcast for Kareena’s fans and Bollywood junkies. Check it out here.

2. Jay Shetty

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

In early twenties, Jay went to India and Europe to live a life of a monk. Inspired by his time in the East he was determined to spread the spiritual learnings across the world. His goal is to Make Wisdom Go Viral.

He started as a corporate motivational speaker to the Host of HuffPost Lifestyle in New York. He went on to create his own viral podcast series – On Purpose – and there was nothing that could stop him.

Some of his podcasts are in the form of an in-depth, fascinating conversations with the most insightful people like Kobe Bryant, Ray Dalio, Alicia Keys and others. He touches upon issues that people face in their daily lives, such as how to strengthen one’s focus, remain calm under pressure, etc. 

If you are in the mood for some motivation, fire up Jay’s podcast here.

3. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah in a promotional shot for his podcast

One can watch this happy-go-lucky guy on The Daily Show, an American news program on Comedy Central. He talks about the local news of the USA and some burning international issues with a pinch of sarcasm, shrewdness, wit and a lot of humour. Trevor’s anchoring is a refreshing change from watching mundane news channel with serious hosts.

He started doing podcasts in the year 2018. His debut podcast The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition has more than 100 million downloads to date. The Daily Show Podcast Universe is a must watch miniseries podcast of 2020 – if you still haven’t watched it then please add it to your binge list for this weekend.

You can listen to Trevor’s latest miniseries here.

4. Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan has many feathers in his hat – he is a stand-up comic, UFC commentator, an actor, podcast host and a lot more. 

The journey to his stardom started with the launch of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe recently signed a deal with Spotify, worth an estimated $100 million, which is the biggest deals in the podcast business. Listen to him once and you will know why he is so popular and loveable. 

On his podcasts, Joe and his guests who are athletes, comedians, scientists, actors, wrestlers, politicians and such are seen talking about wide array of relevant topics like current events, politics, philosophy, comedy and hobbies. 

You can listen to his podcast here. If you do not where to start, we recommended the Elon Musk’s episodesJoe

Sudipta Bhawmik on Stories of Mahabharata

Spirituality and India are inseparable. Mahabharata represents great Indian values and cultures and it is believed to have shaped Indian history is many ways. 

And so, The Stories of Mahabharata by Sudipta Bhawmik is one of the most popular podcasts in India. Sudipta chronologically tells the stories of Mahabharata in a very lucid yet dramatic manner which can be understood by people of all ages. The sound effects are like cherry on the cake which help the listeners to visualise the story better. 

Get your mythology geek on by listening to Sudipta’s podcasts here.