Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma invited ire on his recent tweet on Odisha, saying that he “didn’t even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane” before he met actress Apsara Rani, who will be seen in his upcoming film ‘Thriller’.

RGV went on with his derogatory remarks on the state while praising the Odisha-born newcomer, saying: “Orissa creates all kinds of hurricanes”.

Twitteratti didn’t take much time to troll RGV mercilessly for Odisha’s wrong spelling and derogatory remarks on the state.

“Before meeting Apsara, I dint even hear about Orissa since the 1999 hurricane. But after meeting her, now I realised that Orissa creates all kinds of hurricanes. It’s been a great revelation that Orissa has such beauties. MORE POWER TO ORISSA (SIC),” RGV said in a tweet on July 6. He also shared a picture of debutant actress Apsara.   ⁦

RGV tweeted another picture of Apsara, saying, “Never even thought of Odisha as a talent pool for film industry. But going by Apsara Rani coming from there, both the rest of the country and Odisha itself should seriously look at Odisha.”

The filmmaker’s tweets created a storm on social media with many users from Odisha as well as outside slamming RGV for his “poor knowledge” of the state.

“First of all this is Odisha not orissa mr.Bhram (oopss Verma). Secondly you are actually an unfortunate man as you have missed a lot about odisha since 1999. Though you are from entertainment industry, (we can’t expect much),” a user replied to RGV’s tweet.

Another one joined in saying: “Dear Ram Gopal Verma, From your above tweet, you have openly exposed your poverty of knowledge and idea on Odisha.Being a proud Odia, it’s my core duty to provide you some very basic facts about Odisha which symbolize its glory and pride globally.”