It costs almost Rs. 1000 a month, just in transportation, to send your child from our village to the nearest English Medium School, which is 10kms away at Khurda. Not everyone in the village can afford it. So our main focus became students who are unable to travel for their schooling. 25% of our students are from BPL/SC/ST and we do not charge them any tuition fees.

Getting books and copies is difficult for the villagers as it becomes expensive. So we procure it from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack in bulk at a discount for all our students and use the savings to transport it back to the village.

It’s hard to explain, but our biggest problem is teaching kids in English whose parents or guardians do not understand English. They are not able to guide or help them to study as they do not understand it themselves. This makes progress difficult for especially the small kids who are in LKG and UKG. We even write the schedule and notes in Odia so that the parents understand and ensure that their kid brings the right books to class.

Even with our limitations, we try to give the students a normal school life. We celebrate annual function. There is no science lab fees or library fees. We also have two computers. The school was shut in March due to Covid crisis. But we are sending our course material through Whatsapp to parents. For parents who do not have that facility, we are printing and providing hard copies of the material to their homes.

Our fees are nominal and some of our expenditure is covered by generous. We have one building now which accommodates students till class 6. We are trying to build a bigger building close by where we can teach till class 12. It will take some time but we will get there.