The joyous occasion of a wedding turned into a wild nightmare for the families of a Bihar couple as well as the attendees.

A 30-year-old software engineer in Gurugram returned in May to his village Deehpali, a village in Paliganj, nearly 50 km from Patna for his wedding on June 15. During that period he developed symptoms of COVID-19 but the persistent family did not postpone the wedding. The young groom died on June 17, just two days after tying the knot.

The family cremated the body without running any test to detect the cause of his death. The failure to do so on part of the family, has set off the biggest mass spread of the coronavirus in the state of Bihar.

After the health department was informed about the death of the groom, it started contact tracing for all the guests who had attended the wedding. It took a lot of time and effort for the administration to locate the attendees and thereby break the chain. From the guest list of around 350 people, so far, over 100 have tested positive for COVID-19.

This incident has sent a blaze of anger and fear in Bihar.

There was a clear violation of the government guidelines in conducting the wedding. The administration has given a statement that it will come down heavily on all the violators.