As Canada starts easing the restrictions imposed in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stepped out for a family outing. He took his son out for ice cream on Wednesday. It was also Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec province.

The Canadian leader and his six-year-old son Hadrien, who were spotted wearing masks, were cheered at Chocolats Favoris in Gatineau, Quebec.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Prime Minister Trudeau shared a picture along with the caption, “Even though we’re not able to celebrate Fête nationale du Quebec and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day like we usually do, I hope you’re finding new ways to celebrate – Hadrien and I stopped by @ChocoFavoris in Gatineau today to pick up some treats for the family!”

Trudeau said the shop tapped into a federal emergency wage subsidy and business loan in order to weather the pandemic, and “avoid being frozen out of the frozen treat market,” as per a pool report.

Reportedly, Hadrien bounced with excitement and settled on a vanilla cone with a cookie topping. Meanwhile, his dad bought a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate for himself.

The father and son then headed out to the patio, where they put off their masks to enjoy the cones.

For the unversed, provinces and territories of Canada declared states of emergency around mid-March. To contain the spread of the pandemic, the schools and the non-essential businesses were shut.